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Postcards: Back to the edge

Postcards: Back to the edge

Have you taken any pretty EVE pictures recently? I haven’t, but then I have been busy taking pictures of other games as part of my other duties. Here’s one I took the other day; from a game released way back in 1988. Can you guess what game it’s from? Go on, look a little harder. … Continue reading

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  • Congratulations Master Raban, who is the winner of Tuesday’s “bid to win” an EVE Survival Pack. If you want to win today, read details - if you haven't already - here http://ow.ly/5HOeI
  • Adrielle Firewalker is the winner of Monday's "bid to win" an EVE Survival Pack. If you want to win today, read details at http://ow.ly/5HOeI
  • Copies of ISK Vol.1 are being herded into the office and are furiously being packaged, ready to be sent around the world. Holy poop, they're HEAVY!
  • Frigate League has at last been updated. Noise has been the most active pilot and has taken the lead. Slight change of plan: The League will end early, 1200 ET, June 1st.

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