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Postcards: Back to the edge

Have you taken any pretty EVE pictures recently? I haven’t, but then I have been busy taking pictures of other games as part of my other duties. Here’s one I took the other day; from a game released way back in 1988. Can you guess what game it’s from? Go on, look a little harder. … Continue reading

Big savings as EON Store opens for business

**Update: PayPal should now be working properly** To celebrate the opening of the EON Store we are offering 50% off absolutely everything – the latest issue, subscriptions, poster bundles, the utter lot. That’s the EON Store by the way, not the EVE Store, which as one click will tell you, are separate entities. One offers magazines … Continue reading

Smile, Prt Scr, it’s Crucible Day!

Here we go then, another EVE expansion is live! What are we on now; the 14th or 15th? Officially it’s #15, but of course that’s counting Castor, which CCP originally insisted was a “content upgrade” and Bloodlines, which was a feature that got delayed from Red Moon Rising. But who’s counting, eh? 13 or 15, … Continue reading

Huge EON Sale: 50% Off Everything

Black Friday has always been a thoroughly American phenomena, but increasingly we find ourselves in other countries celebrating it as well. The first day of the Christmas shopping season, it’s become the day that retailers heavily discount their wares and millions of shoppers take to their cars to pack the roads and shops to hunt down … Continue reading

The quiet miracle that is EON#025

Just because its been quiet around here doesn’t mean that very little has been going on in the MMM office. Apart from a secret little project we’ve been seriously pondering (as you will know we do like to prevaricate to an absurd degree), we’ve been quietly beavering away on the latest EON magazine while EVE enjoyed … Continue reading

ISK free edition updated

The free pdf version of Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase (ISK) Vol. 1 has been updated in line with the print edition and is now available to download from http://www.isktheguide.com. Aside from the need for a digital display device to read it and a few discreet reminders that it’s also available to buy in hard-copy form – which … Continue reading

EVE is 3 (kilodays) old

Guess what? It’s 3,000 days – almost to the second – since EVE Online was launched! It doesn’t sound as impressive as eight years, but given how infrequently a kiloday comes around, it’s quite a significant milestone. (Apparently I’ll be 16 in September, which perhaps explains why I can’t get up in the morning and … Continue reading

Bid to win – day 3

Congratulations Master Raban, who is the winner of Tuesday’s “bid to win” an EVE Survival Pack. If you want to win today, read details – if you haven’t already – here http://ow.ly/5HOeI

Bid to win – day 2

Adrielle Firewalker is the winner of Monday’s “bid to win” an EVE Survival Pack. If you want to win today, read details at http://ow.ly/5HOeI

Bid to win: EVE Survival Pack

All this week we’re running a daily auction to celebrate the release of the EVE Survival Pack. What this pack contains is a copy of the 400-page Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase [ISK] Vol. 1, the latest edition of EVE Strategic Maps, the Low-Sec Paths poster and a poster map of New Eden (both rolled rather than folded). The … Continue reading


ISK Volume 1 – The Hard-Copy Guide for all EVE Pilots


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EVE Strategic Maps

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