We want your screenshots! They can be of ships mining, travelling or fighting. They can be of pilots tending to starbases, searching for wormholes, milling about in Jita or engaged in epic battles. In fact they can be of anything from inside New Eden, they just have to be good-looking images, as high-resolution as your system will allow and with the UI tuned off (CTRL-F9 to toggle).

The very best screenshots that we receive, or which between them might make for a varied and interesting mix, will be published in a future edition of EON alongside your pilot’s name. You will also win 100m ISK!

Please make a note of which system the screenshot was taken in and include in your email the name of your character (main or alt), as well as a sentence or two about what was going on before or after the screenshot was taken. Don’t forget to attach the picture or provide a link to it.



One thought on “Screenshots

  1. I like the ideal of the screenshots, I like to see what others are up too.

    I guess I need to start sending some in… Go Figure,,,

    Posted by Maxx Overseer | February 13, 2011, 3:59 pm

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