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EON #026 is currently available to buy as part of a four-issue annual subscription or as a single issue from the EON Store, and as single digital or as a four-issue digital subscription through Zinio. (Check out a preview for hot page action)


Battlecruisers are among New Eden’s most popular ships, so to have a new variety slot so comfortably directly beneath EVE’s venerable battleships has been nothing less than a triumph. We go back to the drawing board to see how these ships came about, talking to each of their (player) designers and to CCP to explore every angle of the design process. Later on in the magazine we put each ship through the Testflight hangar to see how best to fit it to survive the rigours of EVE.


If there’s one aspect of EVE that makes blood collectively boil it’s on the subject of bots – those nefarious agents of automation that seek to reward the lazy and the greedy. Attempting to demystify what bots are capable of and why some players use them, we explore what it might mean for EVE if they were allowed to run rampant and ask what can be done to defeat them once and for all – assuming they can be defeated.


When it comes to the side of New Eden history that’s permanently bathed in gloom, the last three years have been every bit as eventful as the first five. By way of evidence we present the 10 biggest examples of underhandedness to have come to light since the days of Istvaan, Cally, Remedial and Ginger Magician hit the headlines and left us in no doubt about what was possible in EVE.


He may be better known these days as an internet spaceship politician, but before becoming emminently reasonable and dedicated to forwarding the EVE cause for all, the figurehead and founder of the Mercenary Coalition was more dedicated to establishing the mercenary cause and putting the MC foremost in the minds of every alliance in New Eden. Of course, not everything quite went to plan.


  • Two new Chronicles – Always and Eye of the Serpent
  • Q&A with EVE’s new Senior Producer
  • CCP Guard defends the community
  • Worshiping the Drake
  • How to arrange a player meet
  • Three corps profiled – The Bastards, Invictus Australis and League of Gentlemen
  • Podcasting guide
  • Exploring the Eve Gate
  • Remember Urban Mongrel?
  • …and so much more…


4 thoughts on “Latest issue

  1. I can’t wait to get #24 in the mail. Still working my way through all 23 issues currently in my collection (on #19 right now) and I’ve loved every word of them (even though I’ve previously read through #1-10).

    This issue looks to be another great piece of game-mag genius with yet another gorgeous cover to boot. Keep up the stellar work team Eon!

    Posted by J Kunjeh | June 29, 2011, 1:38 pm
  2. I will keep waiting for the Digital Edition.

    Posted by Joel | June 30, 2011, 8:17 pm
  3. agreed, any chance we can get a digital Issue? kinda a pain getting it shipped to Australia

    Posted by Laudiur | October 23, 2011, 3:27 am
  4. And yet another post asking about digital editions?????

    Posted by Greg | November 18, 2011, 7:51 pm

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