There are many ways you can contribute to EON. By far the easiest method is to just jot down your thoughts and send them to richie at mmmpublishing.com.

If instead you want to go ahead and write something more substantial and see your words in print – and there is no greater feeling in my opinion – then I’m certainly interested in checking out your writing. I’m always on the look-out for people who enjoy exploring EVE’s backstory, so if you have some ideas you’d like to pursue, or perhaps you’ve already written some EVE fiction, please send it my way. If it’s suitable then I will discuss it with CCP’s story team, and, if it gets published, an original piece of art will be created for it (which is almost as good a feeling as seeing your story on the printed page).

Perhaps writing fiction is not your bag, in which case maybe you consider yourself an expert in a particular field and wish to let other in on your expertise. If you have an idea for a guide, perhaps to improve on others than are available, or to cover an aspect of gameplay that hasn’t been fully explored, then get in touch. I’m open to any and all ideas. My only problem is I sometimes take an age to reply to emails, and my spam filter does sometime do too good a job. If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying.

If writing of any kind is beyond you (as it is me on some days), you can help out just by taking a screenshot: In the magazine we have a feature called ‘Postcards From The Edge’ which is basically a collection of holiday snaps from around New Eden – places of outstanding natural beauty, fleet operations, missions, anything really so long as it looks good and you have the user interface toggled off (alt-F9). Just make a note of where you took the image and what you were doing and we can do the rest.

Did I mention that EON writers get ISK for their efforts? 100m ISK per page in fact. All except Winterblink. Someone needs to knock him down a peg or two, so it might as well be me :)


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