Like most publications EON is fully receptive to requests for advertisements within its pages. Where the advertising policy differs from most magazines is that we insist all adverts be fully relevant to the players of EVE Online. In other words, if you have something to promote – be it a service, website, or a product – then it should be one that is available in-game or among the wider EVE community. Examples of past adverts have been for ship sales, the announcement of a new website, a call for players to join corporations, or just for alliances who wish to make themselves known to the world.

EON delivers ads in-game and in-print, with the ads appearing first in the magazine, then once again in-game after publication. The number of in-game ad slots is VERY LIMITED as the EVE splash screen is highly coveted. Unless agreed by prior arrangement please note than we cannot guarantee when or if the ad will be seen.

Advertisers should take into account that if the ad is deemed inappropriate by CCP Games to be shown as part of EVE login screen, it will not be shown. Inappropriate ads include those that contain offensive language or images, as well as those designed to promote any kind of commercial enterprise or sale of “real world” items. Moreover, no splash screen ad will link out to, or include, a URL address.


Often the ads that appear in EON are designed by the players themselves (like the one above for EVE-Pirate.com), but for a fee we can produce them in-house. We will consider running double-page spread (DPS) ads but these must be arranged in advance. Currently the design of the magazine does not allow for half or quarter-page adverts.

  • 700m ISK – Cost to place an agreed full-page advert in a single issue (A4 portrait size)
  • 500m ISK – Additional cost for EON to design and produce full-page advert (A4 portrait size)
  • 800m ISK – Additional cost for design and placement of login screen ad

If you have created an ad yourself and wish it to appear in a future edition of EON, it will cost 700m ISK. If you also wish the ad to be redesigned to appear as a login screen ad, the total cost will be 1.5bn ISK.

If you wish to have an ad designed for you to appear in the magazine, the total cost will be  1.2bn ISK (700m for placement, plus 500m for design). If you wish that ad to be redesigned as a login ad, the total cost will be 2.0bn ISK.

Player-designed ads must be delivered either as a print-ready .pdf format (A4-size portrait, 300dpi with crop marks and 3mm bleed), or, preferably, as a layered .psd file. We also require that you send us all the pages elements (text, logo, images and font details) so that we can re-arrange the ad from its native A4 portrait print dimensions to better suit the landscape dimensions of the EVE splash screen. As noted above, if the ad includes a URL address, it will be removed from the in-game login version. We regret that landscape adverts cannot be featured in the magazine.

We will only publish ads that are suitable to EON and its readers, so it is worth discussing in advance the elements of your ad so we can ensure it is suitable for the magazine and the players of EVE Online.

Payment is due AFTER publication.

Upcoming deadlines:

EON Issue #22 – FINAL ads to be received by Monday 13th December 2010, for publication January 2011

EON Issue #23 – FINAL ads to be received by Monday 14th March 2011, for publication April 2011

EON Issue #24 – FINAL ads to be received by Monday 13th June 2011, for publication July 2011

EON Issue #25 – FINAL ads to be received by Monday 10th September 2011, for publication October 2011

For further information please email ads@mmmpublishing.com.


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