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EON is published by MMM Publishing, a London-based company that specialises in magazines specfic to online games and their communities. If it wasn’t such a disgustingly mis-used phrase, one could say that MMM produced magazines “by gamers, for gamers” – which although true, is one of those statements that’s been hijacked so many times that you want to punch the chops of the next person who utters it. Needless to say that everyone who writes for EON is an active EVE player whose knowledge of the game far surpasses any academic journalistic qualifications.

Online Team:

One of the most celebrated EVE bloggers beyond the whole of New Eden, Cailais has been playing EVE since 2006. When not involved in PVP operations, where he typically assume the role of an area scout, he can be found dropping scan probes in some region or other – fingers crossed that he’ll a rich stream of ISK loot to plunder. Of course it rarely works out as intended. More Cailais exists at The Hydrostatic CapsuleEVE Gate and twitter.

A player of EVE since the heady days of beta, Zapatero has been the editor of EON since it rolled from the presses in 2005. It was then that he put behind him the life of a full-time miner in EVE to become a part-time one, dedicating the bulk of his time to understanding how the rest of the game works. Unfortunately, years later, its fair to say that he has learnt very little, but his quest for knowledge continues regardless. More of Zapatero can be found via: EVE Gate, MyIGN, Raptr.


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