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Make some noise for the Frigate League winner

After an impressive 300 matches were played out over the spring, the inaugural EON Frigate League wound-up a few weeks ago and after an impressive ratio of 72% wins (38 out of 53 played), we can belatedly declare Noise as the champion. Prize monies totalling 500m ISK will be appearing in his wallet, with another 250m ISK going to second place Innar Mong (win ratio of 70%) and 100m ISK to Shandir (54%). Well done all. To us you are all winners. Even the losers are winners. Your prize is our eternal gratitude for having taking part.

Thoughts will inevitably turn to a possible second season, although I rather think some drastic rule changes will be required for it to go ahead. I’m not sure whether having unlimited fights is a good idea. What about you lot? What would tempt you to sign up and keep going for an entire season?



2 thoughts on “Make some noise for the Frigate League winner

  1. Thanks. I enjoyed fighting in the tournament but it did become a bit of a chore attempting to get pilots to fight me!

    So, I would do another one but it’d need structuring and more rules. I.E. you can only fight certain people a limited amount of times. You would probably encounter problems though, of pilots no longer taking part and have fought some people and not others leaving the pilots who haven’t fought them at a disadvantage.

    I also believe many of the pilots didn’t like the idea of fitting faction modules.

    My blog post –> http://post.ly/2KlKb

    Posted by noise | July 4, 2011, 8:36 pm
  2. I already mentioned it on Twitter, but for the written record: Congratulations, Noise!

    Myself, I was one of the pilots who effectively dropped out very early – primarily because the Tournament hit me in a period of EVE burnout (without it, I probably would have logged on even less). But the other reason was that the competition was daunting. Even taking account that my PvP would have improved over time, the few bouts I flew were rather one-sided (my one win was mostly luck).

    That said, it was still a good idea. As Noise mentions, it could need a bit more structure, and maybe limit it to a month.

    Posted by Druur Monakh | July 7, 2011, 6:33 am

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