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Smile, Prt Scr, it’s Crucible Day!

Here we go then, another EVE expansion is live! What are we on now; the 14th or 15th? Officially it’s #15, but of course that’s counting Castor, which CCP originally insisted was a “content upgrade” and Bloodlines, which was a feature that got delayed from Red Moon Rising. But who’s counting, eh? 13 or 15, it’s all adds up to the same content anyway. Which is to say loads – all of it deliciously free.

There was a reason for this post beyond OCD…

Ah yes! Screenshots.

It’s that time in the schedules when we invite people to submit evidence of what they’re getting up to in-game, from which we select the most fitting images and supporting text and publish them in the magazine. With Crucible now out and all those lovely new backdrops in the game for all to enjoy, it’s a great time to be hammering away at the print screen key. Probably the best time since Apocrypha, in fact.

What we’re after is much the same as what always ask for; beautiful images at a high-ish resolution and the UI turned off, along with a few lines about what is going on and where (where is especially important). Don’t forget to include your character name in your email either. Those that have their images published will earn themselves 100m ISK and if I’m organised they’ll get a free magazine as well.

Get snapping and sent your pics and text to postcards@mmmpublishing.com by downtime on Monday. Good luck and enjoy EVE beyond Incarna.



One thought on “Smile, Prt Scr, it’s Crucible Day!

  1. I’de subscribe if the cost of shipping wasn’t higher than the cost of the mag each month -.-

    anything in the works to reduce shipping costs stateside?

    Posted by Skyy | March 4, 2012, 4:58 am

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