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EON needs… screenshots

What about that 1.5 patch then, eh? The first thing that struck me after logging in after the server went up yesterday was the striking sky blue of my BPCs. It was as if angels had come down to redecorate my hangar in heavenly pastels. Then I did an agent mission and OH MY GOD! The winged code-cherubs of Team BFF have swept their celestial brooms through the once-winding halls of mission central too, leaving the corridors not just clean, but straight and navigable. Praise be!

As the next few days progress and we gradually resume our bitter ways, we’d like you to take screenshots as you go about your in-game business, whether it’s shooting and looting or mining and whining… This brief period of love and harmony must not go undocumented!

…your pictures can be of ships mining, travelling or fighting. They can be of pilots tending to starbases, searching for wormholes or engaged in epic battles. In fact they can be of anything from inside New Eden, they just have to be good-looking images, as high-resolution as your system will allow and with the UI tuned off (CTRL-F9 to toggle). The very best that we receive, or which between them might make for a varied and interesting mix, will be published in the next edition of EON that’s out in July.

RULES: Send your images to postcards@mmmpublishing.com before downtime on Monday. Please include your character name (main or alt) in your email. For the image to be accepted we need to know the system the screenshot was taken in and you will need to write a sentence or two about what was happening before, during or after the image was taken. Remember to take hi-res images, with the UI toggled off.



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