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ISK free edition updated

The free pdf version of Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase (ISK) Vol. 1 has been updated in line with the print edition and is now available to download from www.isktheguide.com. Aside from the need for a digital display device to read it and a few discreet reminders that it’s also available to buy in hard-copy form – which to be fair, if you value your printer, is worth considering – it is page-for-page identical to the edition that is on sale from the EVE Store. We’ve also reformatted it to display single-pages rather than those double-page spreads that seemed to upset so many people.

Some of you chaps have been asking when Vol. 1 will be updated and I can confidently predict that it probably won’t be until the end of the year until we even think about adding all the Incarna changes with regard to contraband and establishments (assuming contraband and establishments are in place by then). As for the PvP-focused ISK Vol. 2 that’s in production… well, it’s still being written. Given that we’re told by CCP to expect an overhaul of 0.0 mechanics at some indeterminate point in the future, it’s not something we plan to rush out the door. Therefore whether ISK Vol.2 will come before a second edition of Vol. 1 is impossible to say. It all comes down to how and how fast the game develops, so let’s go with a vague 2012 for both and leave it at that.



4 thoughts on “ISK free edition updated

  1. Wow! I can definitely see the difference between the crisp clean images in the old ISK vs the blurry, compressed new version. Is it REALLY worth it for you to reduce the download size? the old 20 MB version looks SO much better.

    Posted by Adam King | July 29, 2011, 1:24 pm
  2. Can this be published in a format that works on iPad? I have the print version but it weighs too much to take with me when I’m travelling.

    Posted by bill | July 29, 2011, 5:12 pm
  3. You can’t open PDF files on the ipad?

    Posted by noise | July 30, 2011, 5:02 pm
  4. Yes you can, I have the guide in PDF format for my iPad and it opens beautifully in iBooks

    Posted by Josh | August 3, 2011, 4:02 am

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