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Salvation is at hand – ESM back in stock!

For the last few months hundreds of pilots have been wandering the celestial maze of New Eden without direction, ending up in the wrong system due to navigational errors and being blown to the solar winds in their desperate efforts to reach a safe haven. But no longer. Yes, that’s right; EVE Strategic Maps has been updated (as has the huge low-sec regions map that comes free with it) and is back in stock. What a joyous day this is!

The new fourth edition has been updated (unlike Serenity Steele’s site) to include all the map changes since 2009 (when the third edition was published), which means the introduction of 250+ outposts that have since been built and more than 600 new beacons. All told there have been nearly 1000 updates made. But they still work seamlessly with Editions 1, 2 and 3. Also, the picture on the inside back cover – I did that!



One thought on “Salvation is at hand – ESM back in stock!

  1. You can advertise this all you want, you ain’t gonna tempt a single penny out of me until I get my ISK 3.0.
    Come on, seriously, what was it 2, no 3, possibly 5 years ago now that we pre-ordered it.
    Gimme my Printed ISK Guide before its out of date and then, maybe then, ill buy this off ya.

    Posted by Barry | May 16, 2011, 11:08 pm

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