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Activating Cloak

It’s that time in the EON production schedule where my colleagues start badgering me for words and pictures and I in turn start haranguing CCP for raw materials from which to forge those words and pictures – all with a view to putting everything together into something that can hopefully be recognised as a magazine. As you can imagine stress levels will start to rise, late nights that should be enjoyed with games/families/alcohol are spent in the office and all attempts to write regular blogs suffer. I hope only the latter will be noticeable.

The theme for the next issue will loosely focus around life in wormhole space, with the second part of the Sleeper guide and a Testflight that looks at the ships and fittings favoured by various wormhole-dwelling pilots. There will also be a hefty look back at the making of the expansion that introduced wormhole space.

I was  up late last night skyping with Noah Ward (aka CCP Hammer) about the making of Apocrypha, and after two hours of chat regarding Tech-3 ships, Sleepers and epic mission arcs, it was clear that the Apocrypha development phase was one of those rare periods in the collective life of a company when pretty much everything goes according to plan. I asked if there had been any disasters; code that was accidentally deleted, major features dropped due to mass fights in the canteen, or anything that could have thrown a hulking great spanner in the proverbial works and it appears there wasn’t anything that caused any great pain. That’s not to say there wasn’t upheaval internally at that time due to economic meltdown in Iceland, massive expansion at CCP and the onset of the Cult of Scrum, but rather than fall victim to the stresses of change, it galvanised the company like never before. Anyway, I shall be writing everything up over the weekend to keep the editorial wolves at bay and you can read about it all in the next issue.



2 thoughts on “Activating Cloak

  1. What’s happened with the articles on the Jovians which you’ve advertised.
    Some of us want to know more about Our Faceless Benefactors, and sell them poniez!!

    Posted by Jenni Concarnadine | May 27, 2011, 2:19 pm
  2. Sometimes CCP aren’t as ready to talk as they imply. Don’t worry, the subject will be broached just as soon as I’ve compiled enough… evidence.

    Posted by Zapatero | May 27, 2011, 4:16 pm

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