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if we don’t fight, they’ll kill us both

Sadly there hasn’t been much news from CCP on when or where the next Alliance Tournament will appear. I’m reminded of asking since it was this time last year that we headed over to Iceland to prepare for and broadcast the fourth of EVE’s inter-Alliance PvP contests (this was back when EVE TV was kicking its hooves in the tiny MMM stable).

Being a rather large and expensive logistical exercise, it’s not one I myself am keen to be involved in again, although I remember it with great fondness… as do the hundreds who took part and the thousands who watched it live. For the sake of that and for continuity though, I’m curious as to whether November’s Super Ultimate Eve Online Mining Tournament of Awesomeness is a welcome re-imagining of the Fanfest PvP Tournament, a financially necessary re-branding of the bi-annual telethon, or a conjugation of both?

Whatever the future of the Alliance Tournament, I do hope it continues in some form. Even if it means getting all the alliance leaders into a bear-pit and arming them with lirpas. (Daa-da dah dah da-dah…)



One thought on “if we don’t fight, they’ll kill us both

  1. I hope CCP do the “right” thing and look to televising another tournament. It’s not that CCP are lacking the manpower: Many of EVE TV’s personnel (Ifni, Hinik, Xod, Jamesw, etc) are now working at CCP, while others (StevieSG) are stationed nearby. Granted they may have more pressing projects on their plates, but EVE TV was a great concept. Even if it was pushed in the wrong directions and further lost course under the weight of expectation, over-ambition and self-importance, the core concept was sound: EVE TV was about seeing another side of EVE and it’s a view many of us have missed.

    Posted by Zapatero | August 24, 2008, 10:28 am

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