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The Maller is dead! Long live the Maller!

When CCP switched out the Scorpion a couple of years back, from being a wonky Lego-like fiddler crab to a design that was more in keeping with it’s animal namesake, a fair few people complained. I didn’t. The old Scorpion was in my view a hideous abomination that was barely improved upon by the Trinity expansion, so to see … Continue reading

CCP reach for the skype

CCP called a couple of press conferences last night to go over all the recent fury and protest over Incarna, vanity goods prices and whether CCP’s future microtransaction strategy is as dominated by greed as might have been suggested by leaked internal communications. I know this because I was listening to the first conference, which … Continue reading

Where the hell is EON Digital?

It’s fair to say that the plan to offer digital editions of EON has not gone how we would have liked. Originally we’d envisaged having them ready by the end of 2010, but it looks like the end of 2011 could be as wildly ambitious a target. The problem is one of integration, specifically the … Continue reading

Make some noise for the Frigate League winner

After an impressive 300 matches were played out over the spring, the inaugural EON Frigate League wound-up a few weeks ago and after an impressive ratio of 72% wins (38 out of 53 played), we can belatedly declare Noise as the champion. Prize monies totalling 500m ISK will be appearing in his wallet, with another 250m … Continue reading

Incoming shipment: EON#024

Having lost a month of production time due to the previous issue running late (blame Fanfest and the planned redesign), issue EON#024 has been completed almost on schedule. Copies of the magazine will actually arrive in the office early next week and will, assuming the postal workers don’t ragequit their jobs, be heading out in the … Continue reading

ISK Vol.1 is here!

Copies of ISK Vol.1 are being herded into the office and are furiously being packaged, ready to be sent around the world. Holy poop, they’re HEAVY!

Activating Cloak

It’s that time in the EON production schedule where my colleagues start badgering me for words and pictures and I in turn start haranguing CCP for raw materials from which to forge those words and pictures – all with a view to putting everything together into something that can hopefully be recognised as a magazine. … Continue reading

Frigate League updated

Frigate League has at last been updated. Noise has been the most active pilot and has taken the lead. Slight change of plan: The League will end early, 1200 ET, June 1st.

Captain’s Quarters: Reflections in a flat

Having missed the first opportunity to rummage around Captain’s Quarters, I was compelled to visit the headline feature to EVE”s summer season when it returned to the Duality test server over the weekend. I spent literally minutes walking around the cramped compartment, clicking on things that didn’t really do much and testing the springs on … Continue reading

EON needs… screenshots

What about that 1.5 patch then, eh? The first thing that struck me after logging in after the server went up yesterday was the striking sky blue of my BPCs. It was as if angels had come down to redecorate my hangar in heavenly pastels. Then I did an agent mission and OH MY GOD! … Continue reading


ISK Volume 1 – The Hard-Copy Guide for all EVE Pilots


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