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Is Incursion the best EVE expansion ever?

Just for a bit of fun we’ve been running a little survey on our Facebook page to see which of the 14 EVE expansions people were happiest with (we all know there have been 13 expansions, but CCP insist that Bloodlines should count among them). Just for the sake of laziness we grouped together the three Exodus-era expansions, as well as the two Revelations. Oh, and we totally ignored Bloodlines – sorry CCP.

Rather surprisingly the most recent expansion is in the lead, just a few votes ahead of Apocrypha (which I voted for), with the very worthy Trinity powering along in third place. Apparently no one liked Quantum Rise, poor thing.

I’m wondering whether Incursion is ahead on merit or because of the way Facebook displays these new-fangled questions, because unless you expand it you could be forgiven for thinking you only have a choice between the three most recent expansions. Little wonder in that case that Incursion is wiping the floor with Dominion and Tyrannis.

Then again, Incursion did perk everybody up. It had a couple of decent headline features, lots of fixes and was rolled out smoothly without deleting any system files in the process – which on that last point is always a bonus.



2 thoughts on “Is Incursion the best EVE expansion ever?

  1. The most recent expansion is leading because of selection bias. The people visiting your site are much more likely to be currently playing Eve, so almost all of them know a fair bit about Incursion. But many do not know about the older expansions.

    Posted by somebody | May 13, 2011, 5:44 pm
  2. What somebody said I think has some truth. I’m most familiar with Incursion, as that’s what I’ve played the most with. I have very little experience with previous updates.

    Posted by Shadow | May 17, 2011, 9:34 pm

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