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EON needs… wormhole surfers

From time to time I shall be calling on our fine readers (yes, you at the back – pay attention) to muck in and give us a hand as we plan and put together the next issue of the magazine. This is one of those times.

Chief Test Pilot Kirith Kodachi is pondering the next Testflight article, which is to feature the ships most commonly used in wormhole-based operations. To that end he would like those of you who dwell in the dank depths of Sleeper-infested space to submit your favourite ships and fittings via this thread, whether you are out there to get rich through industry, or to blow lots of things up using your auto-hybrid laser torpedoes. (Yes, it has been a while since I fought in EVE – is it that obvious?) He’ll also need some background info about you and your corp, although not enough that it might breach security. We all know how you guys like your secrecy.

If you are a lover of the wormhole, please do respond (not here, but here), and bear in mind that your choice could end up in the next issue of the magazine. Yes, you could be famous for your wormhole-loving.



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