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Raise your soda pop – EVE is eight years old!

Are you a little disappointed with your birthday gift? It’s hard not to be, having been spoiled in the past in celebration of lesser occasions, but then again it’s true to say that at least Quafe Zero offers six hours of enhanced fun compared with the six minutes of 3D model spinning that would have been the sum enjoyment after receiving a new ship. Also, you can’t really have a party for eight year-olds without the abundant availability of some form of carbonated soft drink to keep the giggles flowing – this one is sugar-free, at least. Shame about the lack of cheesy balls and pink cake…

Here’s something to help boost the party spirit: It’s not just EVE’s birthday and that of hundreds of day one veterans (mine among them), but we’ve just had it confirmed that ISK has gone to print, meaning that machines are being set and inks being prepared that next week will result in ever-growing piles of EVE guide books massing in a warehouse somewhere in the south of England. These will then be driven up to our offices (probably the week after) from where we will be sending them out to all those who pre-ordered them. We’ll have a few extras of course, so if you’ve been holding back, you still have time to get your order in.

While we’re on the subject of printing, the fourth edition of EVE Strategic Maps will be in the office on Wednesday and orders will be dispatched within 24 hours. A lot of people have been waiting a long time for the update as we’ve been out of stock on the previous edition for quite a while. Thankfully the wait is almost over.

Now, who’s for some space dust?



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