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EON #022 winner of stuff

As part of our redesign efforts we decided to drop the competitions we’ve so far been running in the news pages, not because competitions aren’t popular, but because we want to do more of them and run them online instead. However, with the section quietly retired from the magazine, we neglected to announce the winner from the previous issue.

We asked readers back in #022 to selflessly nominate someone who they think should receive a full library of EVE reading material. They could have been nominated an enemy, a corp mate, someone who once helped them get a start in EVE, or they could sneakily have nominated themselves via an alt.

In truth many people did exactly that, most of them honest enough to admit their deviousness. As a result none of them won, since the first lesson of being a sneaky bastard should be to not reveal yourself as one – the fools!

The vast majority of nominations were for apparently selfless teachers or community stalwarts and their fans (or alts) tugged at our collective heartstrings fighting their cause as worthy winners. Since love invariably conquers all, however, in the end we selected Jull Mariner, who was nominated by Zoddd “because he is dating my daughter”. Unlike most young suitors trying to ingratiate themselves with potential in-laws, obviously the young Master Mariner has been doing something right.

As a matter of record Jull Mariner will receive a full set of magazines, the new edition of EVE Strategic Maps (which is rolling off the presses as I type this), the Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase Vol.1 book (which should go to print next week), a roll of EON posters, both of the EVE novels published so far and rather lovely Art of EVE book. For his generosity, Zoddd earns himself a pair of EVE socks, which is about as good as it gets when it comes to presents and prizes for men of a certain age.



One thought on “EON #022 winner of stuff

  1. EON Magazine rocks!

    Posted by Zoddd | May 3, 2011, 4:18 pm

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