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Loneliness of the long distance scout

There are some professions in EVE that we can all readily identify with and aspire to. The industrial mogul pitching the market with sell and buy orders worth billions, the fleet commander barking orders and launching fleets of battleships into the fray or the blood thirsty pirate howling with laughter as another poor victim falls prey to his gang of thieves and bandits. Few though would wish for the duties of the long-range scout.

The scout, a role often seen as so demeaning and tiresome that it often falls to an alt is not a profession renowned for glory or reward.  These capsuleers can normally be found ranging far from a Corporations home system alone and isolated.  You may notice them relaying intel back on secure Alliance intel channels, or proffering a little snippet of market intel back to the aforementioned industry mogul keen to make a fat profit elsewhere.

During fleet operations the scout will be the very tip of the spear, probing through systems forever at risk of falling into the clutches of an enemy fleet.  And yet once the main force engages the scout will be long gone – hunting out the next target or sitting in the depths of space watching silently for enemy reinforcements.  There are few kill mails for the scout, few chances to win accolades from his brother pilots.  Instead the scout risks his ship at each gate, poised on jumping to activate a microwarp drive or covert ops cloak in a desperate and not infrequently futile attempt to evade death.

Once the dust of battle has dispersed into space the scout of course is typically left far from safety in unfamiliar territory and precious little in the way of back up.  Some can be found dropping core scan probes, sifting through the wreckage of a battle for lost spoils or picking away at the locks of a hacking site. Always their eyes will be blood-shot and tired from the near constant need to remain alert, vigilant and ready to drink in the slightest morsel of intelligence.

So the next time your scrolling through your kill tally with satisfaction back slapping with your fellow pilots over another rout of your foes spare a thought for that scout as he thunders through space seeking fresh targets or to warn of new threats.



4 thoughts on “Loneliness of the long distance scout

  1. This is a role I would be well suited for. I’m the lone wolf type and am used to relying on speed and cloak to keep me alive.

    Posted by zcar300 | April 29, 2011, 1:25 am
  2. Well said! Scouts deserve way more credit than they usually receive – especially since scouting is surprisingly hard work.

    Posted by Druur Monakh | April 29, 2011, 5:41 am
  3. I used to love scouting round low-sec for Faction War fleets – you had a certain freedom from the main fleet and were trusted to follow your instincts a little bit rather than just following direct orders (if you have a good FC who knows you that is). There is a lot of watching that D scan and using your own initiative. It might be seen as a boring job by some but it is the scouts who find the fights, catch the straggler or entice that unsuspecting tasty ship to aggress. Then there is the fun of keeping that point in place or keeping eyes on the targets before the cavalry arrive. Null is a different ball game but I found it great fun and very interesting to scout in lowsec… hence my 600 kills in an Ares LOL.

    Posted by Eelis | April 29, 2011, 1:30 pm
  4. honestly the job of a scout is key as we all know, but for any younger players that are interested in PVP.. yes you dont get as many kills.. in null sec you might be the guy to hold a random point or both in null or low a supposed belt tackle while one or 2 members come in to ransom the target.. but all in all your job is intel. Null sec will require an inty .. can be done with less but not fleet likes to lose their eyes half way though a roam.. so for any younger pilot you can quickly hop in a t1 frig speed fit it and be on your way. There is no other roll that helps you perfect your player skills with the D scan. In warp scaning .. system intel all key things you need when your in the far more costly gear and larger fights.. also .. when you do lose one your fleet should be smart enough to save a few of them faction or t2 mods for you to sell later to get your ISK back. Or alliance used to force even the most veteran new members to be scout support or scout for a long while before letting them fly along in our small 5 man gangs.. it also teachs the scout how the FC’s work and how to handle COM’s etc.. to anyone new please take on teh roll of scout and find a solid group of people to fly with you will advance far faster then anyone else staring out with you the exposure is so valuable

    Posted by Guest | July 25, 2011, 6:59 pm

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