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Something for the long weekend

We are in the midst of a packed holiday period here in the UK. We’ve just had a four-day weekend to celebrate chocolate eggs and another is fast approaching during which our future king is getting married to a “commoner”, which suggests the bride-to-be as a kind of Tiffany Mitchell character from Eastenders. What a right ol’  knees-up it should be. Just this once I shall indulge the occasion and suggest every country should have a king (or queen), if only to have public holidays scattered about every royal birth, marriage or death. How us English got any work done during the reign of Henry VIII is a mystery. But then they didn’t have computer games to fill all that empty time.

Unfortunately, the bracket of long weekends fore and aft means that today is a “work day”, and as previously mentioned, since we’re in that inter-issue period where one EON is ready to go before we sit down to plan the next, it means the office is awash with mailbags stuffed with magazines just waiting for a sour-faced postal worker to set them free. Although the country seems to be on something of a go-slow week (public transport was surprisingly lag-free this morning), UK subscribers should receive their magazines (and free posters) before the weekend, while Europe and the US should start getting theirs after the next round of UK public holidays; in 7 days or so.



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