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Trinitising EON – part 4: Done. Roll credits

Issue #023 of EON magazine – looking better and feeling heavier than ever before on account of the redesign and extra pages – is now rolling off the presses and will be mailed out to customers just as soon as we return to work after the Easter weekend. Below is the new cover, and if you click here you can read all about what’s featured across the 91 fun-packed pages that will follow it. Subscribers will receive an updated New Eden poster for being wonderful people; every single man jack of them.

There are many people to thank, including the guys at BattleClinic and EVE-Files for letting us have their stuff, various members of Veto (who seem to have infiltrated many of the pages without me noticing), heaps of CCP people, EVE University, the CSM, and everyone at Fanfest who took the time to meet and talk with us while in Iceland. Special thanks must go to Rixx Javix (ads), Arnaldur Halldórsson, Ben Hunter and Arnar Valdimarsson (photography), Siggeir M. Hafsteinsson (cover and main feature art), and John Augar (chronicle art). Last but not least a hearty slap on the back for the many writers that make EON the best spaceship magazine on the planet; Angus McDecoy, Cailais, FinnAgain, Kirith Kodachi, Pottsey, Roc Wieler, Shae Tiann, SghnDubh, Yblarbo Janks and, of course, Blinky.



One thought on “Trinitising EON – part 4: Done. Roll credits

  1. Now when are we going to get our freakin’ digital editions?!?! This is such a gorgeous product, it is begging to be on my iPad!

    Posted by Snipereagle1 | April 16, 2011, 2:08 pm

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