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UPDATE – ISK Vol 1 pre-order period extended

Since our guest dev blog only went up yesterday – the same day as the pre-order period for the print edition of Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase [ISK] Volume 1 was originally supposed to end, we’ve decided to extend the discount offer for another week. Basically, if you type ISK305 at the EVE Store checkout, you will get a $5 discount off the regular $35 cover price. This will end, f’sure this time, on Friday 22nd April.

The guide itself is still in the process of being updated to reflect recent changes to Incursion (1.4.x), as a consequence of which the it will edge beyond 400 pages of pure EVE information-greatness. We will go to print soon after the pre-order discount period ends and ship copies to customers two weeks later. We’ll keep you updated as to exactly when that will be.



2 thoughts on “UPDATE – ISK Vol 1 pre-order period extended

  1. Please please please consider using this extended period to put in even just a basic ship table. One which lists all the current ships in the game and their relevant facts.

    It doesnt need to be pretty, it doesnt need to have pictures, just a table with the relevent headers Race, Name, Class, Armor, Shield, Cap, Cargo, Speed, High Slots, Med Slots….you get the idea…..and have the info in a grid below.

    Something like this would a MASSIVE help when you want to compare ship stats quickly.
    EvE Online is (at least at the moment) mainly ship centric, not including a chart with even just their basic stats would leave a massive idustrial sized hole in your EvE Online Guide.

    Posted by Brodie | April 16, 2011, 2:40 am


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