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‘Twas the night before Fanfest

We’re all busy getting things ready for Fanfest with the usual discussions of ‘who’s taking what?’, ‘what time are we meeting?’, ‘we going to the airport separately?’ etc… I’ll be in the office tomorrow a whole hour early to collect our t-shirts as they’re being delivered somewhere between 8am – 9.30am. It’s black and has this design on the front so if you see it, come chat! (and buy me a beer!)

A few of my corp mates are also going to be there and I think I’m getting another t-shirt as I was asked for my size, god knows what’s going to be on that!

With the Fanfest in mind, the league will not be updated for a week but keep your mails coming in and I’ll update when I’m back.

Today is the last chance for you to cast your vote for CSM 6, voting ends at 23:50 EVE time and the list of candidates can be found here if you haven’t chosen your favourite. Also, there is a handy tool to quickly see which candidate best represents yourself.

I think there’s one last roam organised before I head off.

I shall try and update whilst I’m out there, not sure if I need an app on my iPhone to post though….



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