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Character recustomization

I saw quite an interesting dev blog over the weekend hinting at tattoos, piercings, scars, earings and change of hairstyle/colour can be done at stations and suggests it’s coming soon although no date has been set. My ‘old’ character had a faint tattoo on the side of his face and would be nice to have that back again. Anyhow, here’s a set of pictures to whet your appetite. Just a note, there will be no plans to re-sculpt your character such as a nose-job or any other such implants – seems the New Eden world has not fully got into plastic surgery. Only cosmetic changes can be done.

Oh, and there will be some new sunglasses to choose from. So instead of the option of aviators or no aviators there will be some others. Perhaps the famous Morpheus sunglasses? For the full dev blog, visit here.

We’re getting ready and organised for our trip to see some of you at Fanfest. As you can see from the Fanfest brochure, we have our round table slot booked for 11am on Saturday so feel free to come along and pose us some questions. We welcome any suggestions that can help the quality and production of our magazine. I still don’t know where our stand is going to be, I have a sneaky suspicion that it will be organised when we get there.

As for the league, there’s been some matches over the weekend. Noise in particular has been quite active and has beaten our current leader – twice! I am having a little trouble with QuarkXPress at the moment and will update the league later on in the day.



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