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EVE’s Photoshop challenge

Five of us jumped into battlecruisers last night and tried to find others in Syndicate to pew with, whether they were willing participants or not! We did encounter a frigate gang but realising our guns were bigger than theirs it came as no surprise that they ran away. I had no idea of the size of the gang, details were sketchy. We managed to get a Rupture and a Drake but that was about it. Ah well, can’t have it all!

The amount of matched played int he league is beginning to diminish a bit, perhaps some of you have run out of frigates. Good job I never set up a cruiser league eh? Anyhow, some of you haven’t even played a match yet and the best way is to join the in-game channel;


I noticed something interesting posted on EVE Online’s Facebook page and the Photoshop Challenge. Basically, you have this lovely image of CCP Soundwave

and you use your Photoshop skills to manipulate the image into something funny. I have no idea if there’s a prize or not.



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