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A short roam, whilst semi-afk

Went on a short roam last round Syndicate although most of my attention was turned towards ITV and the events that were going on at White Hart Lane. Nerve jangling stuff, unbearable to watch at times but a small miracle has happened, Spurs are through!! I’d love to have a page in EON dedicated to Tottenham Hotspur but the citizens of EVE do not have football (or soccer for some of you) and I certainly have not seen any stadiums. Also my Arsenal loving boss will almost certainly say no!

Where was I? Ah yes, we warped to Cumemare gate and waited for the stragglers to catch up before we set off. Just as soon as we were about to leave, an Armageddon warped into us. That was a nice present. We set off to P-N and encountered the same gang as a few days ago. I wondered if they’ve slept since? We killed a Lachesis but had to bail as the new tactic it seems is to engage with equal numbers then jump in another gang to gank. Seen this quite a lot recently. Anyhow, we fled a few jumps to get good distance from the gang, saves us from being overwhelmed again. There was nothing of any significance for a while until our scout found a Raven ratting at a belt. Not sure if it was a bot or the pilot was afk as it kept shooting at the rats as we finished it off. The Raven kill was around the time that Spurs and AC Milan were entering the last moments of the match and I really wasn’t concentrating at all, probably why my damage was down a bit but then again, looking at the mail, it’s another bugged one. I’m sure CCP will fix this but I don’t think it’s high on their priorities right now.

Yesterday, I decided to fit a Damnation and to make it have the best tank possible. So far I have got it to 160k EHP but I don’t have a slave clone as of yet. I wonder how much that will increase by?

A few fights last night with Innar Mong increasing his lead at the top. Can anyone catch him?



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