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Will we go gathering Dust in May…2012?

According to booksellers Waterstones, the second novel from Tony Gonzales, Templar One, is being published on 10th May 2012. The book is designed to introduce potential players to the world of Dust 514. Given that Tony’s first novel was written to introduce the Empyrean Age expansion and was published in the same month (June 2008), perhaps we can assume that CCP’s console game is gunning for release next summer. The autumn/winter time is traditionally when all the big FPS guns are broken out, of course, so assuming CCP are unlikely to want to go against the likes of Medal of Duty, it’s a fair assumption to make. Mind you, other games are unlikely to have much of a bearing on a possible release date. Writer’s block could, it seems.

I have no insider information on the matter, by the way. Doubtless CCP will confirm their plans one way or another in a couple of weeks. I only hope the book is better than the Halo novel I bought while passing through Salt Lake City some years ago. That was one of the worst books I’ve ever read.



One thought on “Will we go gathering Dust in May…2012?

  1. I have a feeling we’re gonna hear about this at Fanfest 2011!!! /starts to drool…

    Posted by CrazyKinux | March 9, 2011, 7:53 pm

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