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Exploit? Who knows….

Last night’s roam wasn’t the best we’ve ever had. It was decided we were to do a full Syndicate roam to see if anyone noticed my post headline yesterday.Well, in short, we got blobbed as two gangs were out and seemed pretty determined to extract our pods from our ships. Our numbers were a meagre 12 and did not have the firepower to take on 30. If we had more we would have gone for it but we had to make a hasty retreat. This was simple enough as our ships were a lot faster than theirs but we didn’t get far when we encountered another gang of a similar size. Our FC lost his Vagabond as there was too much DPS to take before he could make his way back to the gate. So we ran. Again. Our epic stats read 0 kills, 2 losses. Ah well, better times to be had.

On Friday, some of us set up a camp on a low-sec/high-sec gate junction and wave after wave of cloaky haulers came through which was a little disappointing. Before you lot start slating gate camping, it’s all I can do when I’m at work! Anyhow, one of us came up with a brain wave to stop the haulers from cloaking and that was to drop drones all around the gate. To get anywhere in the game, you have to think outside the box sometimes.

This worked for a while until it was petitioned. A GM took a disliking to it and destroyed the drones over the gate using the sentries. Now the question is, is this an exploit? Some of me thinks yes, and another part of me thinks no.


  • You may not take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the System (although I doubt this amount will crash the server but if everyone and their dog did it, it would)
  • Using unused items to your own personal benefit is seen as an unfair advantage given the situation.


  • Game allows you to do it
  • No different as a 20 man gang all with drones out
  • No different from miners dropping cans in belts (in terms of load)

The league’s been updated and I’m sad to say both Silas Fiat and Bischopt have withdrawn but there’s plenty of others left in the league to challenge. Speaking of which, 99% of all matches are organised through our in-game channel.

Eon-frig Tourney

Join and, as the referee says in Rugby, “Crouch, touch, pause, ENGAGE”




8 thoughts on “Exploit? Who knows….

  1. Funny, but definitely an exploit of mechanics.

    Posted by lol | March 8, 2011, 11:11 am
  2. Hardly an exploit, whats the difference between doing this and leaving jet cans everywhere like i see regularly when flying around low and null.

    Posted by teh munk | March 8, 2011, 12:59 pm
  3. Dropping cans all over a gate has been confirmed as an exploit multiple times, this isn’t really different.

    Posted by Shandir | March 8, 2011, 1:19 pm
  4. I was there on that gate in a cloaky. The problem with this that was going on, there was enough lag on the server cause by this, ppl were being uncloaked BEFORE their clients could update them in the system. It totally broke the ‘cloak and allow time for the client to catch up with the server’ part of the game. It gave these guys an unfair advantage on this. It was a good idea, and if the server could keep up with it, I don’t think it’d be a bad idea. but I personally counted like 175 drones before I bingoed back to base. I’d call it exploit, only because of the client desync problems. In an RL situation, ie if Eve was a real live place, this would totally be a viable tactic. But here you kind of have to live within what the server and the rules can allow.

    Posted by The Watcher | March 8, 2011, 1:28 pm
  5. You shouldn’t interpret “the game allowing you to do it” as evidence that it’s approved. In fact, that’s part of the definition of an exploit.

    The problem here isn’t the tactic, it’s the sheer number. Debris on a gate to decloak is fine and valid. In the proportions you show, however, it has additional effects beyond those intended.

    Posted by Casiella Truza | March 8, 2011, 3:43 pm
  6. I believe any more than a few starts to be grounds for GM action, you had…what, 50?

    It’s different from 20 people on the gate, as that is a small action by each of 20 people adding up to a big action (like Drake-Lag) – it’s a case that they can’t punish 20 people for using their drones properly – even if it does cause a similar lag effect. On the other hand, they can punish 5 people for making the system lag ‘as if it had 20 people doing the annoying laggy thing’

    It’s different from miners dropping jetcans on a belt, as again – miners will drop 1/2/3 each, which is allowable, and they are not making a concerted effort to fill the belt with cans. If one miner dropped 30 cans, that would likely be petitionable (although less so, as who would even notice lag much while watching paint dry?)

    Posted by Shandir | March 8, 2011, 3:50 pm
  7. It’s a brilliant tactical maneuver. Well done! Some thoughts on this which seem to take a side though I believe everyone has valid points.

    – Unlike jet cans, which anyone can use, only ships with drones can deploy them. Yes, lots of ships have drones but not all of them. This makes it different in that respect.

    – Drones are actively managed in EVE unlike jet cans. That makes them different.

    – Drones are weapons unlike jet cans. That makes them different.

    – One ship can drop any number of jet cans. There is no limit. One ship can only control 5 drones. That makes it different.

    – Having hundreds of drones around a gate is fundamentally no different than hundreds of ships around a gate. We all read about epic-battle-lag and how CCP would like a form to be filled out before each so they can allocate a whole node. This is not mandatory though. Claiming the drones cause excessive lag and therefore an exploit is frankly a silly argument. Heck, Jita causes excessive lag. IT’S AN EXPLOIT! BAN IT!

    Now, for those who have read this far, yes, there is one huge gaping hole in this whole diatribe. If the drones are dumped out of their bay like jet cans (abandoned) then they are not actively controlled. True, and that is the point I think. If they are just dumped, they should be removed. Not because they are an exploit, but because it is not so clever as using active drones on ships properly spaced apart to achieve the same effect.

    Picture a gate where a gang with ill intent has deployed around it. Then they all launch repair drones. Each ship has a “repair” buddy. They send their drones on a “repair” mission. Just as they arrive the pilot recalls the drones. They return and orbit. Rinse, lather and repeat.

    Suddenly you have a network of drones constantly flying back and forth forming an active web of decloakiness (yeah, not a real word but incredibly fun to type!)

    There us no way I’d see that as an exploit. It takes active management, coordination and determination to stave of the mind numbing reality of assigning and retrieving drones constantly. That to me is the real difference between and exploit and a valid tactic. Server mechanics should have nothing to do with it.

    As for the active web of decloakiness, would it work? Who knows, but it sure would be fun to watch!

    Posted by Mabrick | March 8, 2011, 5:27 pm
  8. If there were 175 drones abandoned around the gate as suggested, that would likely cause extra lag at load time for people jumping into the system. That gives you an unfair advantage, and to my mind is an exploit. If there were indeed that many, you were probably lucky that all the GM did was remove them.

    Posted by evehermit | March 9, 2011, 12:45 am

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