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I hear Syndicate is empty if you want to move in?

Morning! How are you doing? The sun is shining (well… it is here) and have sifted through all the mails and updated the league. Nice to see Saraell Tellon keeping at it and was rewarded with a win. Could this be a start of a winning streak??

Went on a few roams over the weekend but our regular roaming grounds don’t have anyone in them anymore, seems we ‘over-farmed’ them. We’ll have to go elsewhere next time, hopefully tonight will get some good results. I’m approaching the top 3000 in Battleclinic, my corp will think this is terrible but considering where I was a few months ago this is a huge improvement.

Right, off to watch more EVE YouTube videos. The idea is to shortlist some which could be used as a tutorial, something to aspire to.



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