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Fighting the blob

We have come across too many times in our HAC roams that we tend to fear a group of Drakes the most so with that in mind we set off in a bunch of Drakes. The gang was 20 ish with a couple of logistics. Of course there had to be one person who “refused to fly a Drake” and came in another battlecruiser. Destination was 0.0, roaming around Fountain and annoying TEST alliance. After a few ganks they formed up a gang to counter us, which overwhelming numbers! Our scout jumped in and just laughed.

“There’s a gang.. a huuge gang”

Then said all the shiptypes quickly which seemed to last forever.

So what do we do? Jump in anyway!

In the end it was 18 vs 72 and despite all odds, we did rather well. They were still warping in ships after we decided to call it quits.

I was welcomed with more killmails this morning and have updated the league. We have a new leader in Innar Mong but Bischopt is undefeated and hot on his heels!

The in-game channel (Eon-frig tourney) is becoming quite popular and a lot of fights are being set up from there, an example of local chatter is below.

Shandir > Think I’m going to get dinner before any more. I’ll be back in an hour or so.
Bischopt > im gonna dock up and have a break too
Wilko > anyone near villore ?
Mechapup > I can get there
Mechapup > Want a match?
Wilko > yes please
Wilko > happy to meet half way
Mechapup > on my way
Wilko > kk
Mechapup > cool, meet me in…
Wilko > got to get my ship fitted
Mechapup > Auberulle?
Wilko > ned about15 mins ?
Wilko > can u do that ?]
Mechapup > yep
Mechapup > sorry was chatting
Mechapup > where we meeting, auber?
Mechapup > or want me to come all the way over?
Wilko > sorry back
Wilko > come to villore
Mechapup > 6 jumps out
Mechapup > In villore now
Wilko > give me 5
Mechapup > bio then
Wilko > this is a new fit
Innar Mong > Last call for a while for fights in or near  Otsela Solar System . Anyone else interested?
Wilko > just made it in the last 5 mins
Wilko > so it is a gurenteed win 4 u :)
Mechapup > doubt it :)
Mechapup > I’v fought too much now, you know what I’m flying!
Mechapup > but its all good :)
Wilko > nearly ready
Wilko > just got to fit my guns in villore
Wilko > then go
Wilko > u sort out a site and somone to count us down :)
Mechapup > count us down?
Wilko > well I guess we need to both flip a can to make uds flashy
Mechapup > yeah, I’ve just been doing that, both loot, both shoot :)
Mechapup > As long as you’re happy with that?
Wilko > lets get red
Wilko > then somone count the fight in
Bischopt > i can count you down
Bischopt > just got back
Wilko > fair play :)
Wilko > bisc
Mechapup > k, no probs
Wilko > can u count our figt in
Bischopt > i just said that -_-
Mechapup > I’ll warp to planet 2
Bischopt > tell me when you’re ready and i’ll count down from 5
Mechapup > Waiting for you at planet 2
Wilko > sry bout this 2 stations for my guns lol
Bischopt > zzz
Wilko > there
Wilko > sry guys
Bischopt > i am traumatized for life.
Mechapup > we’re ready
Bischopt > alright
Bischopt > 5
Bischopt > 4
Wilko > k 10 count
Bischopt > 3
Bischopt > …
Bischopt > 5
Bischopt > 4
Bischopt > 3
Bischopt > 2
Bischopt > 1
Bischopt > KEEL HEEM!
Bischopt > 23:01 btw
Wilko > ty
Mechapup > will be a draw :)
Wilko > hes running away !
Mechapup > tracking disruptor
leatho fordring > any1 near autaris ? got a ship ready there
Bischopt > i’ve done so many long trips today im not gonna take a challenge unless it’s like 5 jumps away
Bischopt > btw guys 2 minutes remaining before you draw
Bischopt > assuming you’re still fighting
Mechapup > yep
Wilko > lol
Bischopt > 1 minute
Mechapup > nope, its an easy draw
Bischopt > and it’s a DRAW
Wilko > uve warper away :)
Wilko > I can warp to u
Mechapup > Another draw :)
Wilko > lol
Wilko > gf
Sleezy McLovin > lol
Mechapup > gf
Mechapup > I got his shield to 0, but thats about it :)
Wilko > who we got to mail ?
Mechapup > check the site, its on there, one sec
Wilko > coundt hurt u tho
Wilko > need to work on my dps



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