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How to flag in hi-sec without CONCORD intervention

Holy Moly! Woke up this morning and found a whole host of killmails and two battle reports which was kindly written out. Clearly Shandir is loving the tournament. Anyway, the league is updated, Psycho’s lead is being cut down.. people are working out how to counter his ECM Griffin!! Seems I missed off a few mails sent to me on the 28th so a few more names are entered, apologies for that.

Shandir win – Skye warped off in low structure.

Battle Report:

Shandir’s Rifter vs Skye’s punisher

I dropped a can at 10km from the agreed arena, and Skye picks it up and locks me.

I open fire with my autocannons and rockets and start tearing into his weak shields, at one point, I was worried he hadn’t noticed me firing – then the dirty Amarrian lasers start to leech my shields away.

The battle goes in my favour for a time, his shields evaporate under my guns and I start to nibble at his armour, my shields barely dented so far, I’m busy grinning to myself and trying to keep in mind the fight is not in the bag yet.

As Skye’s punisher bleeds into mid-armour, my shields start to lose strength faster, and his armour seems to be holding up – I start to worry – was he simply not repping before that point? And why was my MWD not working!

A dozen more seconds pass and my ship reaches the point of no-return on shields, and I know that if we hit armour, my ship will explode in no time – and by armour, I mean ‘paper thin aluminium walls’ – structure is actually the duct tape holding it together.

So I try something, and swing out to a wider arc, try the MWD again…success! Out a little bit, my damage drops by some margin, but so does his. My shields start coming back and squeeze past the max recharge point again.

Then my cap runs out – so that’s why my MWD wasn’t working, I pull in close as there’s no point in doing a wide-arc orbit ~slowly~ and start applying more DPS, but his damage isn’t pulling back and his armour is dropping again, quickly.

His ship falls into structure and my victory dance in my pod has begun (due to space restrictions, this is limited to a slight butt-wiggle and one raised eyebrow) – his ship begins to crumple and then…is sucked into a warp tunnel, shooting away from me at high speed.

Ah well, the victory is mine – and it means he’ll have one more ship to shoot at later }:D

Nice battle report…

A few people are hanging around in the in-game channel Eon-frig Tourney, a great way to meet people and to challenge ofc.

Seems a few of you are mailing me about game mechanics in getting aggressed without CONCORD intervention. Well, you simply jettison some cargo, 1 missile or something and the other player picks up. You will see the other player turn red to you which means you can engage him/her without standing loss or CONCORD. If both players do this, then you’ll be red to each other and ready to start the fight. Hope this helps!

Last night, I went on a roam. First roam I’ve been on in a while. Well it was fairly uneventful, just picking off targets here and there. The most disappointing aspect of the night was a 40-50 man cloaky bomber fleet running away from 20 armor hacs. If they thought about it, they could have bombed us and we’d not survive. Would have been a great race, seeing how many we could pick off before the bombs hit! Ah well, not to be. On a plus note, I’m approaching the top 3000 in Battleclinic… yeah!



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