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Manchester battle report

Has a little roam on Friday night, didn’t really catch much as we have seem to have rinsed the Test Alliance area for now. There was I thinking they had an endless supply of Drakes, probably bots mind you.

Went and met some of the players in Manchester over the weekend in a pub called The Moon Under Water. It looked quite small from the outside and thought these guys shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Stepped inside and errrrrrr the place was huge with an upstairs too. Coupled with my not-so-good eyesight, this wasn’t going to be easy. After what felt like an eternity (in reality it was only about 15 minutes) I found them. I spotted a section of what looked like a reserved area and headed for it. Bingo. Not the 30 people who said they would come but about 15 showed up, some of which I remembered from the last Veto meet. Anyhow, they all enjoyed the freebies (Issue #021, Issue #022 and an old copy of EVE Strategic Maps) some fighting over what region they’d like. A little later and much to my surprise and everyone else, Champagne was brought to the table. I have no idea where it came from but what a nice gesture! Photographs will be up soon, some of which will go into the next issue.

Sometime much much later, we were in a local pub (all have consumed quite a bit by then) and a local tried to talk to us. It became obvious that he’d been there all day as we couldn’t understand one word he was saying. Just think of Rowley Birkin from the Fast Show.

So thanks to Punker and everyone else (names escape me, I’m not good with names!) and hope to see you lot soon.

During the meet, there was a little discussion, more of a speculation, of what is to become of Incarna. Looking at the screenshots, I think it’s going to have the look and feel of Half Life and they playability of Freelancer. Basically, you’ll be able to accept missions in station? Who knows, I could be way off the mark….



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