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Had a good weekend’s roaming with mixed results. My roam on Friday consisted of massive jammin’ powah! The shiptypes I wanted was Rooks/Falcons and if you couldn’t fly those, then any other Recon. Thankfully, most of us could fly it.

So armed with 4 Rooks, 3 Falcons, 2 Rapiers, 2 Arazus, a Lachesis and an Onyx, we set off to Syndicate. First off, we found a Maelstrom doing a complex in TXW and much to his disgust (in the fact he couldn’t warp away, lock or do anything) he ejected! Cried a bit in local but we killed it anyway. We dallied around in Syndicate, I didn’t really know where I was going but I thought we’ll find something along the way. A few jumps later, we did! A cyno field was lit in X-B and off we warped to it. A Hel was outside the shields along with a Scorpion and a Myrmidon. We had nowhere near the amount of dps required to take the Hel but the Scorpion and Myrmidon perished. I perished also as I was scrammed and webbed by the Myrmidon :( But the best was yet to come! I bought a Crow, loosely fitted it and carried on. This is where I now click on the loss mails to remind me of the system where I suicided the gang… ah yes Poitot. A 17 man gang turned up and I thought we’d give it a go (since we had loads of jammers) but alas it wasn’t to be and off home we went.

So my result; Kills 4, Losses 7

I think I need to work on that but it was the first roam I took out in years – a little out of practise.

Yesterdays roam was much better.

Our CEO stood up and decided he’d lead us to glory. True to his words, he did. It was getting to the point where I was having to conserve my ammo due to the amount of fodder TEST alliance was giving us. How nice of them! I won’t list all the kills as I’ll be here all day but give you some of the best ones.

A 3 bil Tengu

Another Tengu

A Loki aggressing on a station

But my favourite has to be this one. Our scout was busy hunting round for a Thanatos.. “hmmm.. maybe it’s doing a plex?” Then after a short pause it suddenly dawned on him.

“no it can’t be, I have him 15º towards a belt”

“5º now.. in warp”


So yes, a carrier was ratting. In a belt. Can you believe it??

He didn’t seem to have any back-up, which is a shame, but the killmail was ours.

As you know, today is Valentines Day. I hope you have sent/received cards to your loved ones or ones you hope to be. Why not treat yourself to something from the EVE Store? Our love for you guys isn’t just today – it’s all year round! How cheesy is that?



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