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A day of firsts

I will be doing something tonight that I have not done in a very long time and FCing a gang round 0.0. My other half will laugh as she always sniggers when I talk over TS but I shall have my revenge one day and let the others hear her sing whilst I casually leave the mic open!

I’ve gone for quite an unusual gang, could work out, could go quite horribly but you just don’t know if you don’t try. As for my Fcing skills, well errrr I just have to be decisive or it will end up as;

I did log on late last night to be greeted with a BS fleet leaving to intercept a gang 4 jumps away. Nice. I hopped in my Abaddon (my favourite BS at the moment) and joined up. Sadly, we noticed an opposition member in the fleet we were in and some members quickly said he was their spy. My case was spies wouldn’t be in fleet. Anyhow, we pulled out and went back as this was not to our liking and the fact said spy was asking for the POS password, smelt fishy to me! Oh well, it could have been good.

There has been no entrants for the fleet kill mail competition so that means I win this week, yay 25mil for me! But I’ll rollover and the winner of the next weeks competition will receive 50mil.

Entrants can submit any killmail they like, so long as it’s between the periods of 5th February – 19th February and it features the character in question. A short blurb will be nice also. Easy ISK? Yeah it is a bit.



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