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Sorry for the non-post yesterday, I was at home feeling a bit blue and my head just couldn’t cogitate one single meaningful thought for a lengthy period of time.

But, I’m a little better now.

The other day, whilst on my alt in Stacmon doing trading, hauling and other afk activities, I stumbled on this chatter in local. Not brilliant but made me chuckle.

EVE System > Channel changed to Stacmon Local Channel
fenness > anyone have a moros to sell ?
Kai Drack > LOL oh my god
fenness > seriously =)
Jellyfish McSaveloy > serious Kai you lord drack?
Lyema Lulu > no wonder he’s hiding under a hood
Kai Drack > smallevils come to low and i will show who my main is :-)
Kai Drack > Lord drack lol isnt me lol
Smallevils > gosh,, no the awsome Lord blahh blahh. watch my lips I COULDNT CARE LESS
Jellyfish McSaveloy > Thank god fore that was starting to like you :)
Smallevils > everyone tries to kill u in low sec, i am no more at rsik than i was before, now just shut up you prat
Kai Drack > LOL
Kai Drack > wow you can say prat WOW
Kai Drack > cever boy :-)
Jellyfish McSaveloy > sat on gate to low sec in BR with assault frig waiting guess he wants try ctach me :)
Kai Drack > clever boy
Kai Drack > My Main is in a station lol
Smallevils > well, at least i can spell, thats clever you plank. now i am afk, need to feed my daughter
Smallevils > i dont care if he is in the the white house lol
Kai Drack > GET her to drink it will dont let it dip from your d**k
Kai Drack > :-)
Kai Drack > I’m in the white house now omg
Kai Drack > your american LOL
Smallevils > no, i am british
Kai Drack > Why use the white house then lol
Jellyfish McSaveloy > so a scot, welsh or irish than any true Englishman calls himself ENGLISH
Kai Drack > is there a meaning behind your name ‘SMALL’evils :-)
Odin Tribus > mate, don’t give the British a bad name by being thick
Kai Drack > LOL
Odin Tribus > but if you’re Welsh, just say so and we’ll understand
Jellyfish McSaveloy > LOL Odin :)
Kai Drack > I’m ENGLISH and proud of it
Jellyfish McSaveloy > :)
Kai Drack > I’m just a bad speller oh well lol
Kai Drack > Life goes on
Kai Drack > smack talk in high sec gets boring :-(
Odin Tribus > he’s gone quiet, must be Welsh :)
Jellyfish McSaveloy > agreed ill be back in 5mins need run low sec :)
Kai Drack > LOL
Jellyfish McSaveloy > no doubt still be slaggin Small Penis off
Kai Drack > LOL who me?
Jellyfish McSaveloy > not just you :) i been joining in and we got some more from local joining in :))))

We need more chatter like this for future editions of the magazine. You can submit yours here.

Last call for the fleet battle submissions!



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