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Yesterday, whilst watching Bryan Ferry getting his groove on at the O2, I was accepted in CrazyKinux’s Blog Pack. If you have an up-to-date blog, post regularly and would like some extra readers, you could do a lot worse than putting yourself on the list. It’s like one happy little family on there. Also, if you have a blog and would like to host our EON banner in exchange for a free subscription then mail me and we’ll make it happen.

Just a note to remind you guys in what’s happening this week. Friday’s ISK giveaway is instead of the Solo Killmail, I’d like to see fleet battles with a short write-up. 25mil ISK goes to the pilot who posts the best entrant. So get mailing! Also on Thursdays, I would like your submissions on jokes that are EVE related. Could be things such as funny chat in local/corp or whatever channel you are in or a joke that you have though of or told before. Of course, full recognition of your work will be posted here.

As mentioned earlier, I was at the O2 watching Roxy Music so therefore there was no monday night roam update. Having a quick look on our killboard, it turns out I didn’t miss that much! Hopefully rectify that tonight.



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