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158 jump roam

So it was friday night and I logged on expectantly and patiently waiting for the big roam to leave. The ship types asked for were Vagabonds and Scimitars. Most of us were in Vagabonds but some decided to come in other ships which perished later on as we couldn’t ‘look after’ them as well.

Anyhow, we left around 8:15pm that night and warped to our first gate. After we jumped through, I said “jump number 1” over TS and this sparked something from us lot. It was decided that we’d have a sweepstake on how many jumps we’d make before we all died spectacularly. 50mil isk was the entry fee and can enter as many times as we like. The only sticking point was who would be the bank? We all declared we were trustworthy however on closer inspection and out near -10.0 sec status, it was decided that none of us were but, somehow, XS Lord was given the honour.

First destination was RQH in Pure Blind, we went this way as we know the local citizens of Syndicate don’t want to play once we arrive. Anyhow, we were greeted by a Harbinger and a Thorax which was dispatched easily.

Second destination was P2- (a bit further in Pure Blind) where we whizzed through towards there until about 2 jumps out, our scout encountered a gang who were willing to intercept us and cut short our roam. It was a nice idea but it didn’t end so well for them. Minutes later, they all came back in battleships but this was too much for us and we carried on.

Third destination was off to LEK-N5 in Deklein where we found an interestingly fitted Drake (not recommended to be repeated). Not a very fruitful trip in this region but it was a good moment to take in the scenery, get coffee and the like. Much goading was aimed towards our Scout/FC to deliberately get us killed so someone can win the bet, mainly this came from XS Lord and his self-interest as his bet was coming into play (who could blame him).

Fourth was off to Branch. We managed to take out a Cyclone and as soon as the ship perished, local filled up quite quickly. They had quite a large gang but slow and cumbersome so we picked off their faster ships with ease. They insisted on chasing us for a while so we had to make an emergency destination to Tribute to shake them off.

Fifth destination of the roam was to L-HV5C in Geminate where we found a few more targets in 2 x Drakes, Arazu, Thrasher, Heron and Maelstrom. Local suggested they outnumbered us significantly but this was a station system and they weren’t willing to undock and fight, which was a shame.

Sixth destination was in Morsus Mihi space, IMK-KI in Tribute, thinking we could get a good fight as they always seem to form up when a gang comes. We bagged an Ishtar (either unfitted or neglected to have any high slots modules) and a Pilgrim which we believed to be a scout for their gang.  None was forthcoming :( The most notable kill of the evening was a Tengu which we bumped off station. This was to be a consolidation prize as a carrier was next to the Tengu (also off dock range) but we somehow failed to tackle it and it jumped out. Epic fail on our part there!

It was getting late and we were dropping off so we decided to call it a night once we were in our home system.

Total jump count: 158

No-one won as the majority survived. The map below is a quick guide in the systems visited, starting point being Placid.

If that’s not enough, one of our roam buddies made a FRAPS video of our time out. The carrier killing in the beginning was from another time.


If you have any stories of your time out, killmails or anything you’d like me to post, mail me and I’ll get them up for you. If they’re good enough, they might make their way in to the next edition of EON!



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