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Solo kill competition result. Next week, best fleet battle

You guys are certainly proving that 1v1 PvP is not dead despite contrary reports on the EVE Online forums. This coming week, I’m going to change it to best fleet battle and see what different sorts of mail I get this time. If you could put a small report of your perspective of the battle, then all the better. As usual, 25mil will be given to the winner.

Now onto this weeks winning entrant and although it was submitted rather late in the day, it certainly trumped the one’s I had. Also, an honoured 1v1 is quite rare these days! Here’s the report.

Character: Shandir

Headed to lowsec, looking to get myself blown up (no other way to learn, right?)
Hanging out at a belt, popping rats and acting as bait-y as possible.
Another rifter lands next to me, and approaches – he seems reluctant, and he’s neutral, so I have to wait and see if he wants to fight or not.
Someone calls out in local, amused: “Shandir, watch out – he’s comin’ to getcha!”
And I reply, “I hope so!”
He warps off, and I grumble in local that no-one is biting my bait.
He replies that if I was both expecting and hoping he’d engage, it doesn’t seem like a wise idea to do so. :D
Turns out he’s new and he offers to come back and have a 1v1 (a quick check shows he’s only 1 month old – this newbie has the right attitude!)
I’m cautious, as there are others nearby, watching – but what’s a Rifter at the end of the day.
He lights up on me and starts chewing up my shields, I return fire and quickly smash through his unreinforced shields but slow down hard at armour.
I start overheating everything and running my shield tank, pulling my defences back up and overwhelming his tank.
A few more volleys and his ship explodes into space debris – my first solo kill, and my second success in random low-sec wandering.
We agree it was a good fight in local, but the other pilot wonders why it went wrong – so I send him my fit for comparison.
He’s friendly so I send him a couple of million ISK to buy a new ship with too.
It’s strange, I find the most nice, friendly people in low-sec – even when they’re trying to kill me.

Congratulations Shandir, 25mil is on its way to you.

I’m now booked and confirmed to go to the Manchester meet, I look forward to meeting some of you there.

Caffeine’s stocked and I’m all prepped for tonight, can’t wait!



4 thoughts on “Solo kill competition result. Next week, best fleet battle

  1. Thank you. ^_^

    Posted by Shandir | February 4, 2011, 12:22 pm
  2. You know, its true, aside from all the people spewing about the ebil piwates in low sec, they aren’t really that mean if you aren’t a dick when they catch you(or the other way around.)

    Posted by Kuhn | February 4, 2011, 7:35 pm
  3. In all my attempts (usually ending up in me needing another new Rifter) at solo lowsec PvP – the people that pop me are usually quite happy to offer GFs (even when I wasn’t really), and even advice and fitting tips when asked.
    They’re just grown-up carebears with some spikes and guns attached, but still just as cuddly at the core.

    Posted by Shandir | February 4, 2011, 7:47 pm


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