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Coming to a system near you

Tomorrow night I shall be living off caffeine as we plan to roam until the small hours and plan to visit nearly every system in the EVE universe. We did this previously, I think a couple of years ago, where it was estimated we did about 300 jumps so I’m spending tonight stocking up on ships that I’ll no doubt be using.

Here’s the mission brief;

Feb 4th – 300 jumps
From: TinkerHell
Sent: 2011.01.26 17:44
To: Muppet Ninja’s,

Ships Needed:-

**Edited out**
**Edited out**

**Edit** alt needed.
**Edit** needed, no one is to fly it unless its an alt.

If you are some shit amarr roleplayer and can’t fly **** etc

Faillente. Lachesis.
Caldari. Die in the fire, train a better race.

Fc: Forgon
Backseat Fc: TinkerHell

Start time – 19:30
End – Never.


So if you see us in a system, give us a wave. I have been instructed to give a write-up so expect a long post on monday and hopefully we’ll have some good FRAPs footage to go with it. Sorry I had to edit out shiptypes and our gang configuration, can’t have you guys countering it can we?

I’ve had some good feedback regarding ISK the Guide 3.0 and will be looking to do the corrections in the near future but I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying it.

Oh, last call for the solo kill competition, winner will be drawn tomorrow at downtime so get submitting!



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