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Waiting in stations

Forgive the probable typos, but I’m on a train platform on a cold English afternoon, writing this via the magic of my trusty smartphone. My eventual destination is the realm of Iceland, where I shall be chatting with and interviewing a number of CCP developers; using my questionable skills to tempt from them a few morsels of information on which to base a couple of articles for the next issue of the magazine.
At the top of the information wish list, I’m eager to get some more details on Incarna. Although we still have a Fanfest between now and EON’s publication date and therefore plenty more time to press CCP on what they have in store, I’m looking to discuss EVE’s next expansion phase in terms of gameplay; as an in-game business proposal – if that makes any kind of sense. In the current issue of the mag CCP talks about the shadow economy and how it might feature as a focus for the summer expansion. I’m more interested this time in above-board local economics and social gameplay; bars, clubs, lounges and auction house-type things.
… Ooh, here comes my train. I’ll let you know how I get on.



One thought on “Waiting in stations

  1. Have a safe trip. I can’t wait to hear what you discover.

    Posted by Latrodanes | January 30, 2011, 8:22 pm

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