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Solo kill competition

It’s that time of the week again where it’s time to announce the winner of the Solo Kill competition and I have been given the added bonus of a write-up of his account.

Hey mate!

I’d like to enter a submission for the solo kill competition (hey that rhymes).

It was when I was ratting in my pvp fit nano Ishtar. I’d had a nice little shield tank, good enough to hold against rats. All of a sudden, a Loki uncloacked 30 km from me and started to web me. The Loki had two faction webs and a Republic Fleet warp disruptor, tackling me from very far away. Me being the awesome pilot I like to think I am, burned towards him with an overheated microwarpdrive. First I got a point, even though he tried to burn away from me using a Shadow Serpentis afterburner. I unleashed my t2 Ogres on him, bringing him the pain. As they chew through his shields, which I suspected him to have reinforced, I was sure of victory, even though his 720mm Caliber Howitzers launched volley after volley on me, bringing me down to 30% shields. I knew I had to get under those guns, to make sure he wouldn’t track me anymore. Luckily I brought stasis webifier Berserker drones also, slowing him down to a point where I could orbit him closely enough to regain some shields. Retracting my stasis webifiing Berserkers, I once again unleashed the fury of my Ogres on him, as he started to very slowly drop in armor. Unlike my earlier thought, this guy was armor tanking. I needed to be sure that he wouldn’t get away from me and get his guns to track me again, so I powered up my two medium energy neutralizers. With him slowly being drained from cap, his faction afterburner shut down and he was as good as dead. As my Ogre’s finally got through his armor, the superstructure of his ship quickly was diminished to space-dust, leaving some very nice faction and even deadspace loot throughout the debris of his wreckage. Good fight’s were announced in the local channel and my Ishtar survived another day in the harsh constellation of New Eden.

Killmail Link: http://pnu.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=8576741

So well done to Ma’qeth, 25mil will be on it’s way to you.

I’d like some more entries for next week so feel free to mail me. If you’d like to enter an account of how the fight went, then all the better :)



One thought on “Solo kill competition

  1. WOW!! Awesome kill Ma’qeth, well deservied winner!

    Posted by Jae | January 31, 2011, 3:10 pm

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