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Tired of Magnolia? Yeah, me too

I was going to use hate, but Magnolia is a colour you can’t hate but it’s always there. Every new build flat or house, it’s there. Home Improvement shows on television, it’s there. Reason being, it’s the cheapest paint you can buy and it tends to make the room feel light and spacious, eyes play tricks on the mind. So if you have a magnolia house, bedroom or any other wishy washy colour on the walls and want it livened up a bit, you could do worse than get the Poster Bundle.

As you can see, there’s a lot of posters and that will cover quite a bit of wall space. Quite the antidote for plain boring walls don’t you think? Also, if you get the whole bundle, there is a free titan poster which shows one titan of each race.

If you just fancy the Cruiser Poster Collection then there is a separate bundle we do for that at a reduced rate or you can buy them individually at the EVE Store.

To make it easy for you, click on the pictures below to take you to either the Cruiser Poster Collection or the full Poster Bundle.



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