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We shall remember them, hopefully

The next issue of EON is going to be full of new and wondrous things. Even the old things will look new. One page in particular we’re thinking about slipping quietly into the next mag is a new regular we’ll more-than likely call ‘Missing In Action.’

The idea is very, very simple. From time to time (no more than every three months, obviously) I will put forward a name of a character, corp or website that was once synonymous with EVE, or famous for attempting something of note, and you guys will hopefully be moved to respond with your memories of that character, corp or website. The most lucid memories and the most likable or funny comments will make it into the magazine.

We shall begin this hopeful series by casting our minds back to the summer of 2006, when all-caps explorer INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE breezed into our lives and commenced six months of erudite blogging. In his quest to chart a random course beyond New Eden’s frontier, Inno promptly dispelled endless myths about 0.0, created some new ones in his bounding wake and then disappeared almost as suddenly as he arrived.

Was he the noob he claimed to be, did he really fall off the face of the earth? So many questions and so few answers. Cue speculation and reminiscing! Go, go go!

I’d prefer it if you could EVEmail me your comments so I can link them to your characters, but you are welcome to scribble them below instead/as well. Of course if you are the legendary Inno or know of his whereabouts, please get in touch via the usual channels. I probably won’t believe a word, but you’re welcome to try to convince me anyway.



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