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Not long to go now

How was your weekend? Mine started well with a low-sec roam on friday night, it was decided we go with a fast shield tanked gang as it’s easier to tank the sentries. The pick of the fight was in Yvangier, where we picked a fight with a roaming fleet warfare gang. We were of a similar size, which was rare, which ensured a good fight which it was! Our tactic was to burn off and pick off the stragglers but they weren’t really falling for that trick although one did and the Dramiel perished. All in all it was a good fight, equal kills to losses but we lost the isk war. That was about it for me this weekend, I did log in yesterday hoping for some action during the day but to no avail but, after I logged off, last night, my corp went on the rampage!

Most people (especially us gamers) have a phone capable of doing all sorts other than the standard text and call, such as iPhone, Android etc… well anyway, CCP have introduced wallpapers designed to fit on your phone.

Facebook stats are coming along well, although we can always do with more, you can never have too many friends so just simply go to our facebook page and click like. This way, you can keep up to date with all the news not just from us, but from CCP also.

Oh, and not long to go now for ISK 3.0! In fact, 8 days before it’s released.



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