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Solo Kill competition

Not a terrific response to the best solo kill competition however we do have a winner!

What the hell, why not?

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Not the best, but I was pleased! (I’m Szilardis in case you missed that :p)

For future reference, can a person suit more than one entry? And can someone insert one battle report in place of a single killmail?

I have decided this was the winner as destroyers are designed to take out frigates, what with its eight turret slots and higher hitpoints, but turns out the tides were turned so well done to Szilardis!

As for the questions, you can submit as many entries as you like and you can provide a brief battle report if you wish. You never know, your entry may make it in to future publications of EON if it’s particularly impressive. I will need the killmail linked or sent to me as evidence and also to see the class of the vessel and fit of the victim to determine how easy or difficult the kill was. For example, no prizes would be given out for killing a shuttle in a smartbombing battleship!

After downtime, a new week will have started so get submitting if you’d like to be in the chance of winning.

A quick mention to all those in Morsus Mihi, they have just passed their fifth birthday. Good to see that a good close-knit of players still exist in the game. Our EON corp in-game has been around for a very long time but we don’t do anything so joining would be a very lonely and boring existence for you!

Yesterday I mentioned we were having our ‘Blue Sky day’ where we discuss features of the magazine and see what could be changed, if any. Anything and everything was discussed right down to the size of the font and there will be some changes in the next issue but nothing too drastic that you won’t recognise it. I shall leave the finer points as a nice surprise for you all.

I had rather an interesting mail send to me last night regarding the fitting of the Dramiel in this months Test Flight.

Hi Eon,

First off, great mag guys! I Love it and can’t wait to read it as soon as it shows up.

Now for the bad news lol. In this issue of test flight you were reviewing the faction frigates, however the Dramiel stood out in this because your load out fitting is impossible to fit even with all skills at level 5. Which is a shame because this would be a great fit if it were possible .

Just wanted to drop you a line on this mistake in an otherwise (as normal) great issue.

Well it turns out he’s right. You can possibly fit it if you have power grid and CPU implants but that was never mentioned so sorry for those who have tried it. There are variants of it that you can do, the most noticeable would be lowering the size of the turrets. I suggest using autocannons instead of artillery as autocannons have a better falloff and faster tracking speed, (perfect if your orbiting around 2000m/s!)  but that’s just my suggestion. I’m sure there are hundreds of different things you can do with it.




4 thoughts on “Solo Kill competition

  1. A mistake?!?! IMPOSSIBLE!

    Well, ok, its possible but highly unlikely. UNless you talk to my coworkers. And friends. And wife… and hell my neighbours.

    I guess the surprising thing is that there is only one reported mistake!

    However, autocannon on a Dram? Please let me know where you are when flying like that

    Posted by Kirith Kodachi | January 21, 2011, 11:43 am
  2. Autocannons have faster tracking so is more likely to hit your target than arties. I’ve had great success using them and have taken down many a big fish!

    Posted by eondogma | January 21, 2011, 11:53 am
  3. Autocannon dram rapes face.

    Thanks for the isk! :) Ironically I got a better kill last night that left me in half hull and blew up a very mean AF

    Posted by Szilardis | January 21, 2011, 1:26 pm
  4. I see (from Battleclinic) that you’re quite specialised in doing 1v1!

    Posted by eondogma | January 21, 2011, 1:39 pm

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