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One entry?? You can do better!

As EVE inadvertently sends us down a trip to memory lane, I too, like Zapatero, will have to re-design my characters. I have grown quite attached to my main and feel kinda sad that he’s going for a make-over, we’ve been through a lot together – from being a total noob without the first clue to becoming quite a good Pvp’er (I’m around the 4000 mark in Battleclinic and steadily climbing). Still, I shall spend time in getting the look right and I suspect he’ll look the same as the old one (mean and menacing!) As for the other two, I’m not sure of the look but I’ll tinker around with Dogma exploring all the new settings.

Last night was the last roam before the patch and it wasn’t as successful as the one’s previously despite the efforts we put in. All we managed was 2 frigates and a Drake, not great, but could have been so much more. We found a carrier missioning in our low sec area and just failed to tackle it before it warped off from its mission. Naturally we were disappointed however it docked in a station which did not have a dock range at the undock point. So we switched ships, I was in my Vindicator – high damage, and waited to see if the carrier undocks. Of course, to lull the carrier pilot into a false sense of security, we waited in a nearby system to empty ourselves out of local. Sure enough, the carrier undocked. We jumped, warped to the station, bumped it off a bit (to make sure) and unloaded. What we didn’t know, is that the carrier pilot was either a) friends with Rooks and Kings or b) a Rooks and Kings alt pilot, either way a cyno was lit and they titan bridged quite a few battleships. As soon as I saw the cyno, I was aligned and warped as I was in quite an expensive ship. It’s fair to say that relations between us and Rooks and Kings aren’t the friendliest so we did everything in our power not to give them killmails. Our CEO successfully self destructed his dreadnought (no killmail!) and they only managed a handful of kills, one of which was a Machariel but we destroyed the loot before they picked it up. After that, we re-shipped and went round Syndicate to see what we could find. There was a gang of equal size roaming around but unfortunately as soon as we arrived, they ran. Could have been a good fight. Syndicate produced 1 frigate kill, a bit poor but still, can’t have it good all the time. The Drake we managed to kill was fortunate as it warped straight into us.

I’ve only had one entry to the Best Solo kill competition (winner announced at Friday’s downtime) and as of yet, no video link or submissions. I would have thought you lot liked a little recognition and free isk!!

There’s quite a lot of Patch Notes to get thorough, some of which may be applicaple to you so whilst your waiting for the server to come back up take a read. Also, real time information on the server can be found here, you’ll have to refresh the page to ge the updates.

I quite enjoyed this video, thought I’d share the love.



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