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Never forget an old face

Yes, it is just Trinity for character portraits, but y’know, it still feels like we are passing from one era into another, not just one expansion phase to the next. Back in 2003 I spent a good 20 minutes creating my first character (he, below, who shall remain nameless). Had I not been so pleased with my initial efforts it would have taken a great deal longer. I still think he looks great; proud, enigmatic and thoroughly irascible – as all good Amarrians should be. Suffice to say I wasn’t entirely looking forward to retiring his imposing looks. But, as my dad always says, time marches on and wrinkles maketh the man.

The 11th hour dev blog yesterday, detailing CCP’s Portrait Preservation Project, was joyous news. The old mug shots are saved, albeit in a low-res form that will be useless for printing. Even so, having a place to go to look up all the old faces is akin to having an old photo album close at hand. It also makes me all the more keen to get stuck into re-designing new features for each of my chaps. I can enter the Incursion Age happy that EVE’s characterful past is in some way preserved for posterity.

Assuming the release schedule is stuck to I will unveil the all-new Zapatero later, as I’m sure will Dogma and thousands of others about the EVErse. Tempted to go for a realistic “me” look. What d’ya reckon?



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