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EVE Online

Wanted! Action Shots

There’s something big happening this week. Something to do with an expansion, I’m told. “Incursion”, or something, it’s called. Anyway, a new expansion, or even a third of one, means that there’ll be lots of people logging in to see what all the fuss is about, which means lots of people hammering their print screen keys to spread what all the fuss is about to those that may be less fussed. Taking self-portraits mostly, I shouldn’t wonder – vain lot that you are! Hopefully there will be some out-in-space scenes too.

This is all most convenient as it’s also that time in the production schedule when I’m duty-bound to remind readers that we are always eager to see the screenshots that are taken of EVE ships in action, whether they are attempting to blow each other to bits, extract precious materials from space rocks or are simply moving from point A to point B.

I won’t repeat the details as to what we’re after. suffice to say that each published screen earns 100m ISK. And before anyone moans that I haven’t paid out to those who’ve had their screens published in the current issue, I’m logging in right now to do it. Nyah!



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