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iPhone + Acetone = Broken

As the title suggests, I had an accident spilling Acetone onto my iPhone (that’s nail varnish remover to you and me) and subsequently fried all of the insides. All it takes is a small spillage onto the device and all hell breaks loose. The iPhone now thinks there are devices attached to it and likes to switch itself on and off, as for the screen less said the better. I’d like to mention that the nail varnish remover does not belong to me but that of my other half who likes to apply her make-up on the dining room table, better light is what I’m told. Anyhow I have also learnt that her brand of the potent liquid is one of the milder versions which suggests to me that the stronger ones must burn a hole through anything it comes into contact with, I never knew you could buy what is basically just acid in the shops without prescription. Still, it’s not all doom and gloom, I have insurance and have my replacement handset with me now. Apple’s service is excellent! Unfortunately, they are still stocking the 3GS so got a like-for-like. I was kinda hoping for an iPhone 4!

Yesterday, we went out in what turned out to be a very short roam. We encountered a gang early on who, after much deliberation, decided to fight us. Things were going well at the start (it was about 19 vs 30) and we were taking them down one by one however they had reinforcements nearby and turned into 19 vs 61. I know we’re good but we can’t deal with that sort of firepower but we did make a good account of ourselves, 16 kills to 10 losses. A few of us made it back alive, myself included, despite the best efforts from Rooks & Kings.

The Christmas sale has now officially finished so using the code EONDEC1050 will now just give an error code of some sort on the Eve Store but I shall keep you posted on future promotions.

Lastly, before I go, remember the solo kill and video competition. Winner drawn out every friday downtime so get sending them to me to be in the chance of 25mil flashing in your wallet and joke thursdays, I’d like your submissions on that too.

Oh, and remember to set a long skill queue due to the big patch tomorrow.



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